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There’s been a new edition to the Hangout Series in Genshin Impact, and it gives you a chance to spend some time with none other than the Deputy Leader of the Arataki Gang, Kuki Shinobu! Kuki has recently set foot in the humongous world of Genshin, and she has definitely left her mark.

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While it might look like just another Hangout to some, Kuki’s Hangout features some unique things that we have never seen before including the appearance of some other playable characters in the game. In this quest, we get to spend some time with our beloved masked woman and get to different endings based on our choices. The best part is, that we get to play it over and over again as much as we want, unlike the other quests in-game!


How To Unlock Kuki Shinobu’s Hangout

While the initial Hangout events are unlocked at Adventure Rank 26, this one has some other requirements to it, given that it’s set very late in the game’s timeline. To unlock the Hangout, players are required to finish Arataki Itto’s story quest ‘Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I’ and the Archon Quest ‘Interlude Chapter: Act II – Perilous Trail’. Further, you need to be Adventure Rank 40 or above to be able to unlock the quest.

Once you’ve fulfilled the criteria, you can head over to the ‘Hangout’ Tab in Story Quests and use two Story keys to unlock Kuki Shinobu’s Hangout Event. You can acquire these keys by doing dailies for two consecutive days.

How To Unlock All Endings In Kuki Shinobu’s Hangout

Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu Surprised

This section will provide you with a straightforward guide of the choices you need to make to achieve certain endings for those of you who still want to experience the quest themselves with just a little help. The quest will be discussed in-depth later. This is one of the most heart-warming Hangouts in the game by far.


As soon as you start the quest, you will be asked to assist Kuki at a police station to get the gang members out of jail (which seems to be a common recurrence), once you’ve done that, you will go to a corner where Kuki will talk to the gang members. Here, you’ll face the initial choice to either stop Shinobu from giving the members a ‘slap on the wrist’ or back away.

Choices And Respective Endings

Name Of Ending

Choices Required To Achieve It

The Arataki Gang Community Service Chronicle

  1. Slowly back away and let Shinobu give them a ‘slap on the wrist’.
  2. Follow her to the Uyuu Restaurant with the Gang.
  3. Head to the second floor.
  4. Go out and find the required person (spoiler redacted).
  5. Meet Kuki and ask for an interview.
  6. Talk to the people of the town.
  7. Find the Gang beside the Billboard for the final part of the quest.

Official Business

  1. Step forward and defend the gang members from Kuki.
  2. Select the «Oh? Then allow me!» option.
  3. Talk to Kuki about the Arataki Gang Handbook.
  4. Find Mamoru and Genta in the town and look for Akira.
  5. Upon finding him, ask him to come with you and see Kuki.
  6. Meet Shinobu teaching the gang for the final part of the quest.

Doom Arrives Just the Same

  1. Follow the choices in ‘Official Business’ till Step four.
  2. Upon finding Akira, help him hide inside the box and meet Shinobu.
  3. Head back to check on the box and follow the trail.
  4. Fight the Kairagi to get to the final part of the quest and unlock this ending.

Time For Some Secret Dealings…

  1. Step forward and defend the gang members from Kuki.
  2. In the next choice, select «It’s more important that they apologize…»
  3. Head over to the Grand Narukami Shrine to meet the required person.
  4. When given a choice to tell Kuki what she should do, select «Never let her lead you by the nose«.
  5. Meet Miyuki near Shrine’s exit.
  6. Use Hydro or Anemo to clear all three flyers.
  7. Meet the gang members to reach the final part of this quest and unlock the ending.

Unexpected Wages

  1. Follow the choices in ‘Time For Some Secret Dealings…‘ till Step three.
  2. When given a choice to tell Kuki what she should do, select ‘Looks like you’ll have to play along…
  3. Help all the people in need at the Grand Narukami Shrine.
  4. Find the required material to make the Omamori.
  5. Head back to the Sacred Sakura and then back to the exit of the Shrine with Kuki to finally unlock the last ending.

Hangout Rewards

genshin impact kuki hangout rewards

After finishing all the endings for Kuki Shinobu’s Hangout, apart from getting to know much more about Kuki and the proceedings of the Arataki Gang, you will also unlock a plethora of rewards. Once you’ve done the entire Hangout, you will unlock two achievements which are ‘Arataki Gang Chief Advisor’ and ‘One More Look!’. Apart from that, you will unlock a set of rewards every time you unlock a new ending which is as follows:

  • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, three Guides to Elegance
  • 100 Adventure EXP, five Hero’s Wits, three Vajrada Amethyst Fragments
  • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, five Omurice Waltzes
  • 100 Adventure EXP, five Hero’s Wits, three Vajrada Amethyst Fragments
  • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, three Guides to Elegance

Spoiler Territory Below! In-Depth Hangout Guide

Ways and Means

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu talking to the gang

After beginning the Hangout, you will go to the police station where you’ll find Kuki Shinobu talking to Uesugi. After joining in the conversation, you will find out that she’s making up a story about the game members feeling emotions excessively. She will ask you to confirm her testimony after which, you will find out that the gang members were arrested for posting flyers everywhere illegally.

Even though Uesugi was very reluctant, Kuki manages to convince him to let the gang go in order to clean up the mess they made. Once outside the Police Station, Shinobu does not let the members off the hook easily. As she says that the members deserve a ‘Slap on the wrist’, you’re confronted with the first major choice.

Choice One: (Slowly back away…)

Choosing this option will move the story forward as Kuki teaches the gang a lesson that they will definitely remember for a while, or so you’d think. After she leaves for the Uyuu Restaurant, the gang will already start planning their next mischief involving the traveler this time, continued in the next part Key Decisions.

Choice Two: (Step forward to defend them)

After going for this option, Shinobu will ask you to not feel sorry for the members as they need to learn their lesson. You will immediately be confronted by the next crucial choice in the hangout at this point.

Choice One: It’s more important that they apologize…

Once this option is chosen, all the gang members will agree with you saying that they need to apologize so that no one complains about them anymore. Kuki then asks the members where they posted the flyers. Alongside some other places, they reveal that they posted the flyers on the way up to the Grand Narukami Shrine where they had to deal with a fox lady. Kuki is faced with a hard choice which is continued in To The Shrine.

Choice Two: Oh? Then allow me!

After some cold stares from the gang members on choosing this option, you tell Kuki that a rule book might help the members stay in line. As the Deputy Leader thinks about how to make the ‘Arataki Gang Handbook’, Mamoru, Genta, and Akira run off to hide. This starts the next quest called Gang Bylaws.

Key Decisions

Arataki Itto in Kuki Shinobu's hangout

As the gang follows Kuki to the Uyuu Restaurant, they ask you to head to the second floor first. A pleasant surprise awaits on the second floor as you see Kujou Sara discussing a certain job with Kuki Shinobu. The gang members think that she is planning to leave their gang, and they set out to find their Leader, Arataki Itto. He can be found just behind the building you came out of, in a small alleyway. The gang recounts the event to their Leader.

After a few moments of denial, Itto asks the Traveler to find Shinobu and ask her for an interview. Once you do that, she will take you to all the people that she needs to apologize to for the gang as a part of your Internship. You will both learn that the gang has already apologized and cleaned their mess. Finally, you will see the gang as they are being confronted by another Police Officer where Norika will come to their rescue.

This ordeal will make the gang think that Shinobu has decided to leave them, and they will all provide their heartfelt gratitude and confessions only to learn that she was never planning to leave in the first place. As she starts talking about all the confessions she heard, the gang members decide to make a run for their life unlocking the ending The Arataki Gang Community Service Chronicle.

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To The Shrine

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Inazuma 2.0

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Inazuma 2.0

The gang runs away leaving Kuki alone to deal with the fox lady of the Grand Narukami Shrine. As the Traveler goes along with her, you will find Yae Miko standing near the Sakura Tree. Head up to her and talk to the mischievous fox lady. She will greet you and wonder who your friend is, to which, Kuki will introduce herself and provide the reason for her being there.

Being the clever fox that Yae Miko is, she wasn’t going to let this go easily. She will notify us that she has already assigned a Shrine Maiden to clean up the flyers and ask Kuki if she would like to fill her role and be a Shrine Maiden for a day. Kuki declines the invitation at first, to which, Yae asks how the Police will think when they hear about this. This is where we’re given another crucial choice that changes the rest of the story.

Choice One: Looks like you’ll have to play along…

Knowing Yae Miko, you know that she usually doesn’t leave anyone with a second choice, even though it might look like it. So, if you choose this option, Kuki will agree to play the role of a Shrine Maiden for a day without changing her outfit. Yae also persuades us to assist her in exchange for something special at the end. The quest continues to Shrine Maiden Suggestion.

Choice Two: Never let her lead you by the nose!

You see right through the scheming of Yae Miko, or so you think and ask Kuki to not accept the offer. This leads to you breaking Miko’s heart as she didn’t think you wouldn’t trust her. She agrees with you and Kuki helping the Shrine Maiden to clean the flyers but an interesting twist awaits, continued in Sisterly Reunion.

Shrine Maiden Suggestion

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout Yae Miko Look

Once you’ve started your job as a Shrine Maiden, you will get to hear the problems of Takuma and Hayato, who are both troubled and are looking for the shrine’s advice. Kuki will ask both of them to spend their time trying to fix their problem instead of being there. Then, you will find Grandma Asami near the Shrine entry, and she will be looking for an Omamori for her daughter.

This time around, you need to help Kuki find the ingredients required to make Omamori. To do this, first talk to Maki who is a shrine maiden standing on the left side of the Sakura Tree. Next, go behind the buildings on the left and right of the Sakura Tree to find the other two ingredients and make the Omamori. Once you’ve handed it over to Asami, head back to the Sakura Tree to talk to Yae and finish the quest. This will unlock the ending Unexpected Wages​​​​​​.

Sisterly Reunion

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout Miyuki

After declining Yae’s offer to serve as a Shrine Maiden, Kuki will instantly regret it as she now has to face someone she didn’t want to face again. Head towards the Shrine’s exit and the passage below to find Miyuki cleaning up the flyers on the mountain walls. Turns out, Miyuki is actually Kuki’s sister!

You help Kuki as she makes up some lies about what the Arataki Gang actually is while you clean three flyers across the mountain. She also introduces you as the Chief Advisor of the gang. You can use any Hydro or Anemo attack/skill to clean up these flyers and just keep heading down once you’re done with one of them to find the next one. Once you’ve done all this, you will find Mamoru, Genta, and Akira who will then mess up all your plans.

As you’re about to tell Miyuki that you’re actually not the Chief Advisor, Kuki drags you away unlocking the ending «Time For Some Secret Dealings…»

Gang Bylaws

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout lesson

You follow the gang members with Kuki and try to find them one by one. As you’re on the road, you will see Aikawa Susumu standing on the right gazing at the tree. Upon talking to him, you find out that he saw a shadow near the tree. Climb the tree to find the first mischievous member, Mamoru. He will be hiding on top of the building that Aikawa is looking at.

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout mamoru

Next, head over to the yellow circle on the map and you will find three kids standing near the bridge. Talking to the kids reveals that someone has taken their spot below the bridge, which is immediately suspicious. Go over to the river below the bridge to find Genta hiding in the corner.

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout genta

Finally, you run after Akira to try and find him, but the gang members get tired. Kuki asks you to look for him in the North direction while she goes to the South. As you head to the next Yellow Circle on the map, you find Akira on the beach with some boxes. Talking to him will provide you with another crucial choice.

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout akira

Choice One: No, Come with me, I’ll make sure Shinobu goes easy on you.

You convince Akira to come with you and find Kuki as soon as you leave the beach. She assures you that she’s not going to do anything to him except teach him the Bylaws of the gang. Listening to this, Akira tries to run away again, but he can’t. Next, you will find Kuki teaching the gang near another billboard which will unlock the ending Official Business!

Choice Two: Fine, if she scares you that much, lemme help you hide….

After hiding Akira in a bunch of boxes, you head back to find Kuki and lie to her, saying that you didn’t find anything either. But right after this, she tells you that the Kairagi are smuggling things in that area in the same boxes that you hid Akira in.

Genshin Impact kuki shinobu hangout akira in trouble

When you go back to the boxes, they’re already missing, and you’re required to follow some footsteps to find the Kairagi confronting Akira. Kuki jumps in to save him and this is where you get her trial for defeating the Kairagi. After that, some Fatui members spawn revealing that the Fatui was after all this (who would’ve thought?) Once it’s done, she talks to Akira unlocking the final ending Doom Arrives Just The Same.

With this, you will unlock all the endings in Kuki Shinobu’s Hangout and unlock all the rewards mentioned above.

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